Change case of form field IDs


I need to change the case of form field IDs (not labels) in order to have data properly POST to my CRM (the fields are case-sensitive)

Currently in Unbounce, all field labels are automatically listed in lowercase. Is there a way to have these reflect the case of the text I’m actually typing in?


Hi Michael,

Unfortunately right now there is no native feature in the Unbounce page builder that will allow you to customize the case of form field IDs. You might be able to do this with some custom script like the example below in your page’s ‘Head’ section, to intercept the form submission for this:

But again since this isn’t native to the forms, we wouldn’t be able to say about any problems that might come up with the form and form data. I would recommend testing this out to see if it works for what you need.

Alternatively, we have a webhook functionality that, with a little bit of development from your end, you can use to POST to your CRM. This feature includes field mapping which should help with by-passing a case sensitive field attribute. You can learn more about webhooks here:…

Hope this helps a bit Michael!


Hi Jacquelyn! I can’t see the example of custom script you are talking about, could you please help me?


Hi Neoseo,

I believe Jacquelyn was going to post something similar to this script below:

<script> <br /> $('#unbounceID').attr('name', 'GetResponseID');
<br /> </script>   

All you would have to do is replace ‘#unbounceID’ with the field ID (see example here:, and ‘GetResponseID’ with the name you’d like to rename it to.

I can’t guarantee this would work 100% with all integrations though, so I strongly suggest testing it out beforehand.

I would be curious to hear if this solution works for you, so would you be able to test this and let us know?