Carrousel does not work

I created a carrousel to display testimonies and created 2 versions of the landing page for AB testing. Problem : the Carrousel is working on the first version but not on the second. It seems there is a conflict between the javascript for the carrousel and other javascripts I added for testing the second version.
I cannot remove them because my AB testing won’t be worth it.
What can I do ?

Hi @mbenkirane – welcome to the community! :wave:

Could you share the published URL o the landing page that you’re working with? Happy to take a look at your setup and see if any problems/issues stand out.

You can also shoot our support team an e-mail at with that information if you prefer. We don’t have a carousel feature built natively into Unbounce at the moment - but we can certainly take a stab at it!

Hi Alex,

Here is the URL :
But, from there, you won’t be able to see the variant that is not working. 100% of the current traffic is redirected to the variant that works : the one that is live and accessible through this URL.
I’m not sure you will be able to solve my problem only getting the URL…

Thanks for your help !

Hey again @mbenkirane,

I had a quick look on this end and I agree with you that it seems probable that the Javascript is a likely culprit with the carousel not working on the other variant.

It looks like the script on the non-working variant is supposed to be working with some arrows that take the visitor up/down the page? I looked in Preview, though I am not seeing that effect working on my end.

If you’d like, we can chat about this here, otherwise do you think we could do a deeper dive into this in an e-mail thread? If you’d like, you can DM me a good e-mail to contact you at, or you can give me a shout via Whatever is easier for you. :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,

Yes we can chat this here. The effect with arrows going up to the form works on the preview version.

And that’s the Javascript I would like to maintain for my test.

Waiting for your feedback.

Hey @mbenkirane,

If it’s alright I’m going to shoot you a quick e-mail through our support tool - just because there are lots of variables going on here that I might need you to clarify. Once we can troubleshoot this further we can share the solution here in the community space!