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Hi everyone,

I’m hoping someone can help. I’ve been using this carousel guide to create a carousel of an image/text/button: [How to] Add an Image/Testimonial Carousel in Unbounce Using A Box Widget

However, the carousel doesn’t quite work how I need it to. It breaks up one of the boxes, but keeps the other together. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong - does anybody know of this happening before and a possible mistake I’ve made? Perhaps with the ‘nesting’/grouping?
Pictures to describe what I mean:
PNG unbounce-2 unbounce-1

The one with the hotel image, title and stars is what I want to achieve across the rotation, with 3 different hotels, however once you click the next arrow it breaks the other boxes up.

Thanks in advance! I hope I’ve explained this decently!

Hey @alannahmessett could you share the URL to the page you have this feature on?

Might be helpful to inspect the page :slight_smile:

Thanks @Kyle.C , the URL is, please scroll to the bottom to see the carousel :slight_smile:

Okay got it,

I think your initial concern is right, you need to create more boxes within your box.

You have your “big” box. The ID that is included in the script. Then you put another box inside the “big” box. Within this second box you have placed your image, title, and stars bundled together.

Create one more box to go inside that “big” box. Bundle the next set of stuff in it, the image, title and stars.

So you should have 3 boxes total.

Thanks so much for your help @Kyle.C, I’ve got it working now!

They didn’t work when I put them into a big box directly on top of one another, but it worked when I spaced them out a bit and made sure they nested within the big box but not directly layered over each other.

So happy, thanks!

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