Capture Google Analytics Traffic Source Data with HubSpot Forms on Unbounce



I want to know about Capturing GA Traffic source data with Hubspot forms on Unbounce. I have tested this outside Unbounce and It worked fine.

This is my test page:

This is the article I followed: Capture Google Analytics Traffic Source Data with HubSpot Forms

  1. First I did was create custom fields in my Hubspot CRM
    These are the Hidden fields I created.
  • GA_Medium
  • GA_Source
  • GA_Campaign
  • GA_Term
  • GA_Content
  • Landing Page
  • Conversion Page
  1. Then I used e-nor’s javascript to mimic the Classic Google Analytics tracking script cookie behavior.

Only change I made was changing the domain to: ninjarmmdotcom

& the other script on article above

Then I deployed both codes gsalesforce.js and below pasted code to Google Tag Manager > Custom HTML
Tried both scripts in one tab and even separately.

My question is it’s not implementing correctly on Unbounce and is there anything wrong with my process and code?

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Savinda, hi. I’m curious. Do you feel like what you are trying to achieve is being discussed already at the following URL? Can you pull cookied utm parameters on our website into an unbounce convertable’s hidden fields?