Capture a lead's device for mobile landing pages


When I export leads, I want to know who is an Android user, who’s an iPhone user, etc.


That’s a great idea, will add that one to our suggestions list.

In the meantime, this is a bit of a hack, but you could…

  1. Add a hidden field to your forms and name it “user agent”.
  2. Add the following script to your page using our Scripts tool (place it “After Body Tag”):…

You should now get the browser/OS for each lead submitted. You can tweak the code near the bottom if you’d like to change what gets captured. Note that Android phones will show up as “Linux/Mozilla”.

Really hope that helps until we can get something into the product.


It works! :slight_smile: You, sir, are awesome :slight_smile:


Hi, the link to the script on github doesn’t work. Could you re-post the link?


Hi Mark, and anyone else reading this Ð

We’re not exactly sure what happened to Carl’s script, but try this:…

It’ll place the lead’s user-agent string in a hidden field. This string gives you information on what browser and operating system the visitor is using, as well as the version of each.