Captcha - Spam affecting my conversions


I have read in some past threads that Unbounce is looking at adding a “Captcha” capability to your landing pages. What is the status?

I am getting more spam requests than real leads

I would like a real easy one. I have see some where they ask you to add 2+3 instead of a Captcha that takes 5 trys to get it correct



I agree. I am a recent signee (if that is the word?) and I love it so far - just what I needed.
However, yesterday I got 6 leads from one site and all were spam. I have blocked their IP’s through my cpanel so that may stop the main culprits, however I agree with Carolee that a really simple captcha may help a lot.
I will montor it over the next few days and see if my IP block has made any difference…If not, you guys should really look at an option for users.


I was getting more spam than leads which is not good.

I added another field to the contact form and called it “Validation 2 +3=” Not the best solution but it has cut my spam by 75%


Hi all!

Just thought I would give an update here in regards to where we’re at with spam filtering. We’ve come a long way from simply blocking problem IP’s, and just recently we managed to deploy a few tools internally that can help us manage spam faster, and more efficiently.

To give you a bit more info about this, Derek from our Platform team just released a post on our Inside Unbounce blog detailing our new spam filtering techniques, including details about how our new anti-spam tools work and the amount of spam we’re able to catch because of them.

I highly suggest checking out the article here:…

Lastly, if anyone in the community has any questions about these tools or how they impact you as a user - please feel free to ask!