Can't rename elements in page content when it reaches a certain amount of elements


When our projects reaches a certain amount of elements in page contents, then for sudden, we can’t rename the different elements. In the beginning it works perfectly fine though. 

We’ve tested in the latest version of Chrome and Safari. 


Hey Nikolaj, 
Looks like it might be a bug.

I’ll create an issue and make sure it gets fixed. Thanks for the heads up! 
And just to clarify, you can rename the elements, it is just that the form field remains stuck higher up in the list. 



Hi Cole,

That is actually not the problem. In my setup, the box doesn’t even appear when a reach a certain number of elements. 



Ahh, it doesn’t even appear if you double click on an element and scroll up in page contents like in that^ screencast? Sounds like a separate issue then. I’ll look into it!