Can't Remove Form Box Inner Shadow and Styling Drop Down


The inner box shadow is still showing on my mobile form ( even when option is de-selected in editor.

Also can the drop down be styled to look similar to the other boxes as it looks odd from a design aspect.

Also is there a way to add a smaller line of ‘help text’ between the label and field box?


Hey David,

It looks like nobody else in the community has chimed in yet, so I’m going to go ahead an pus this over to my support team.

Just a heads up, while we do monitor the community, we don’t really treat this as a reactive support channel. If you’re working on something time sensitive in the future the best way to get in touch would be via phone (1.888.515.9161) or email ( so we can help you out ASAP. I’ve done this for you, so you should receive a response back shortly.  Hang tight!