Can't publish to Root domain. and your go daddy instructions are confusing

#1 doesn’t go to my page.
unbounce forces me to add / subdomain
How do I fix this??? VERY frustrating:(
Unbounce doesn’t allow me to change the url to
why? why?


Hi Emrah, our apologies for the frustrations! Sometimes the “Change URL” control can be a little finicky, but Unbounce does let you change your page URL to be just "". Select “Change URL”, then delete the page’s path (the “/flow-schools-for-autism” part), press “Enter”, and then click “I’m Done”. Sometimes your old page path will briefly re-appear, but just ignore that. Let us know if this doesn’t work for you!

Can you also let us know what you find confusing about our Go Daddy instructions? We do try our best to provide understandable support documents, and are always looking for ways to improve them.


The reason this is confusing is because clicking “I’m Finished” doesn’t work – it just re-saves what was already populated after your root domain. You have to hit enter after you delete what is in that field.