Can't link lightbox to Vimeo video


I have set up a lightbox to display a Vimeo video. However, I keep getting a 404 error.

The lightbox is working fine. I have used the code supplied by Unbounce. It opens up but then gives the 404 error.

I am sure the video URL (…) is entered correctly since it is just pasted from video information from Vimeo.

What could be causing the problem?


Realized this specific issue was related to privacy settings on the video. I however have some further problems with lightboxes that I will put into a different topic.


Glad to hear it’s all sorted out Patrick. Thanks for the update on this.



We’ve released a new feature into beta that allows you to build/launch your lightboxes directly within the page builder itself. This new release will allow you to add images, videos, forms and even scripts (such as Vimeo videos) to your lightboxes. 

Go check it out and sign up for the beta  here