Cant Display Background Video


Hi everyone,

I’m building an LP over a template I had. At this point its 80% finished with some dummy content and missing a few features but I ran into an issue I couldn’t fix.

The background video does not display. on page, it displays the thumbnail in the builder (Which assures the link is right), but the preview or published page doesn’t display it for some reason (Which I can assume is a very obvious silly thing that I did not see and will end up face palming myself).

Here is the panel:

Can anyone help me out on this?

Big thanks in advance!


Hi there!

Is the youtube video set to private by any chance?


Hi there Stefano,

No, its unlisted but not private.


Hmm that’s weird.

Try a simple re-publish it might do the trick.

If not hit up to have a quick look!


tried republishing, changing the video, removing all extra css and scripts.

I’ll follow up with the support then, thanks.


The issue is fixed by support, on their end. Thanks.


Hi Umut, I can see you are facing the same issue as I am. The background video doesn’t work on tablets (Ipad) and all you can see is a low res image pulled from the video.

Anyone has any advice on this?