Can't add/modify scripts on published page


I have 3 JS scripts added to one of my landing pages. I’ve saved and published, code is being pulled just fine.

I went back to change a few of the variables in one of the code snippets, saved the page, but can’t republish. Went back in to check if the settings had been saved – nope. I’ve tried deleting an existing script, modifying it, and adding it back in as a new script, still not saving. Looks like the platform isn’t recognizing changes to the scripts once published.


Hi Vitaliy - thanks for letting us know - we’re looking into this one right now and will post a reply to this thread just as soon as we have any news.


Hi Vitaliy - could you let us know exactly which page you have been experiencing the problem with?


I’d be happy to. Please email me with what information you need, ie URL, account name, page, etc.


Hey Jason, has this been resolved?


Great, works. Thanks!


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Hi Vitaliy - thank you for giving me a nudge about this. We have found the cause of the problem - there is a bug - and are working on a permanent fix. In the meantime we do have a solution that will allow you to save your page.

The CDATA tag in the script block is causing the page save to fail. If you can remove the lines:


/* ]]> */

it should be fine.

Sorry for any delay this has caused, hopefully this solution will get you going again. Please let me know if there are any further problems.