Cannot delete button from a template


I am using a template, and the call to action button (Down the Guide Now) didn’t have the ability to enter the Click Action. Therefore I created another button which then contained the Click Action, so I could link it to the document on my site. Meanwhile though, the system will not let me delete the nonworking button. When I click on the button, the DELETE function does not become available. Help!


Hi Stephanie - For forms, to get to the submit action, you’ll need to click on the form itself. If you click anywhere on the form fields, you’ll see a drop down menu for form confirmation that shows up in the right, where you can set what happens when that form button is clicked on submission.

Any new button that’s put on your page, won’t trigger the form (they’re available if you’re just looking to add a simple CTA with no lead capture), so you’ll want to delete the button you added and use the original one, setting its click action via the form using the method above.


Hi Stephanie,

It sounds like the button you’re trying to delete is actually attached to the form. These buttons actually can’t be deleted, as they are attached to the form functionality and are required to submit the form data.

Also, you mentioned that you’re trying to use the Click Action to initiate a download. Generally, users would place a download button on the confirmation page instead of the landing page itself. Have you tried this route yet?

If you can, give me a rundown of your desired workflow (landing page -> confirmation page -> download) and I’ll see what I can do to help you reach that.


That did it. Thank you so much!


Also I have one more question. If we add these pages to the site and start directing people to them, but after a month we don’t continue with Unbounce, what happens to the pages? Like if I share the page on FB and two months later somebody clicks on the link to it. I am a newbie and couldn’t find the answer in the support docs.


Hi Stephanie - when you cancel your plan, you’ll be downgraded to a free subscription, so the pages will remain in your Unbounce account, where you’ll be able to login and still check the stats and download your leads, but as the free account doesn’t allow for a custom domain connection, the pages will become unpublished and go down for any visitors to the old URLs.