Cannot create scrolling textbox?

I’m trying to put my terms and conditions in a scrollable lightbox (the content does not fit within the lightbox boundaries). I’ve tried applying CSS to the textbox, and also the lightbox itself, and also the page body. Nothing is working.

I have tried:

.box-scroll {
< /style>

and also:
< script> = ‘scroll’;
< /script>

(Added spaces in the script tags so that it would show up as plain text)
Please help! I don’t have good knowledge of coding, and I can’t find anything on the Unbounce forums.

Hi, do you have a published page link you can share so I can take a look at what you have so far?


Hi Julia, here’s a video that should help you solve this:


Thank you Nicholas, that worked perfectly!

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Awesome! Glad that worked.