Cannot add a hidden form field that has uppercase letters in its name


I use a third-party JavaScript snippet that populates hidden form fields automatically, for sending to Infusionsoft.

What I wanted to do was to add those hidden fields, then map those fields to Infusionsoft fields so that the data is transferred correctly.

The problem is, Unbounce turns all field names into lowercase, with no option to edit them. The third-party JS code is case-sensitive, requires field names such as “inf_custom_GaSource”.

Is this an issue that would be easy to fix? Or should I resort to quirky JavaScript hacks that ensure that “shadow” hidden fields are created behind the scenes, with their values copied to the Unbounced-managed hidden fields?


False alarm! After experimenting with some JavaScript, I found that the script will work fine with lowercase names for hidden inputs, I was just missing a couple of other hidden fields that the third-party script was looking for to identify which forms it should populate.


Hi Meredith - glad to hear you put out the firefight without ringing the alarm!

We’re delighted that you’re all sorted, but please feel free to drop us a line at if there is anything else we can do to help!