Cancel service


i would like to cancel my service before the trial ends but i dont know how.


Hi David,

There are a couple of options for you. You can downgrade your account to the free level plan (from “Account->Manage Subscription->Downgrade to Free Plan” when you are logged in) and your pages (if you have some) will remain intact and you will still be able to drive a low level of traffic to them if desired (200 visitors/month).

Or if you would like to remove your account entirely, just drop us a line at when you are ready to do so and we’ll take care of that.

We’d love to hear any feedback regarding why you are leaving (missing features, not what you need, no campaigns running at the moment etc.).




I want to cancel your service immediately!

That means your cancelling your automatic payment process for me.


Laurie Kocher


Hi Laurie - I took a peek at your account and I do see you’ve already cancelled your subscription.

You should be good to go, but if you have further questions about billing and your account shoot and email over to