Can you save a form as a template?


How can you save a form you have made as a template so I can use it to add a variant in a different form


Hi Norman! You can duplicate the variant that has the form in it, and then edit the duplicate, which is a little like a template. Just choose “duplicate” from the variant’s gear menu. Or, were you hoping to use the form across multiple pages?


Hi Carl
I have made the mistake of setting up different forms under one variant, but I want to use them in their own right as stand alone pages, how can I do this without having to create then all again from scratch. It would be good if you could save your own built forms as templates so when you want to build a new one you can select one that better meets you needs as a new template. In essence building your own template library. Maybe being able to create a system user built library of templates that could be used by all users, so users can share forms built by other users!!!


Hi there! Had a quick look at your pages, and I see what you mean. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to move/copy your forms from the variants on your Register page to your other pages.

Your suggestion to make forms into templates that can be used on multiple pages is a really good one. I’ll definitely add that suggestion into our issue tracker.


I would LOVE to be able to save a form as a template. That would not only save time, but ensure that I have all of the hidden stuff set up correctly. It is so important that I get all of the hidden fields and javascripts set up the exact same way from form to form.


Has there been any movement on this topic?

We’re adding some fairly long custom dropdown forms, which requires me to create each field manually on each page and variant that is existing.

This option to create a “form template” that could be duplicated independently of the actual pages and variants would be super helpful!


Hi Jay - no movement yet. There were a lot of bigger improvements that we wanted to tackle (and have) since this was first suggested.

Form improvements and shared content are two things we want to tackle in future, but the Page Builder team has been all hands on deck on Responsive for quite awhile, so we haven’t started to look at either yet.


Thanks for the heads up - the responsive/mobile features are excellent. Kudos to the Page Builder team!

(i especially like the notification that your changes on the desktop version will create a change in the mobile version)

Please do keep me update if/when the forms are improved!


Glad you’re liking Mobile Responsive!

I’ve tagged your account, so when we do make some progress on forms/shared content, you’ll get an update. We’ll also update any related threads, like this one, in the Community.


Thanks Quinn!


Form templates are crazy important, not having these, requires that marketers know how to setup a form correctly. Do they know how to setup a form correctly? Probably not. Time to call the programmer, oh … Wait… Doesn’t that the defeat… The entire… Reason… Why… We… Joined… Unbounce? Hmmm… 


Hey Sean - while you do need to know what fields you want, you definitely shouldn’t need a developer to create an Unbounce form, since the builder lets you add any fields you need to, like so.

That said, while it’s not exactly form templates, the copy and paste function that was added to the editor will let you copy an existing form from any page and paste a copy onto another one, so if you build the first form, any other user in your account can just copy that and paste it into any new page. Here’s a quick video of copy/paste in action with a form.


Well, unless marketers understand the importance of underscores, the number of required hidden fields and how to obtain their post_url, it does require a programmer, or at least someone with technical skills.

That said, thanks for the screenshare, awesome, thanks!