Can you pull cookied utm parameters on our website into an unbounce convertable's hidden fields?


Hi All,

We have an unbounce convertable embedded on a webpage on our website. We are currently looking to pull cookied utm parameters from our website (that webpage) into an unbounce convertable’s hidden fields but can’t seem to get anything to work. Is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Awesome question!

@Joe_Savitch, I think you have some experience with this?


I have been messing with query params for a while. But unfortunately @nate.o I don’t understand quite what you are asking? I’m assuming there are query parms on the site from the referring source (AdWords etc.) and you want them to pass through so when the convertable pops up, and someone fills out the form you capture that original source?

Is this what you are trying to do?


Does the convertable open on a click and you want to pass the parameters?



Hey @nate.o,

If I’m understanding you correctly, it sounds like you’re storing a cookie with a utm parameter as the value, and you’d like that cookie to get passed into the form so that you can see the utm info when you get the form submission email alert?

I did something similar to this for our landing pages (you’ll want to change the CAPS with your appropriate classes):

if (jQuery('.FORM_CLASS').length) {
  jQuery('.FORM_CLASS')[0].children[0].HIDDEN_FIELD_CLASS.value = cookie.get('COOKIE_NAME');

Basically this code will check if FORM_CLASS exists and, if it does, will insert the COOKIE_NAME cookie into the HIDDEN_FIELD_CLASS field of the first instance of the form with that class on your page.

Note: This is what I’m using for our landing page form, not a convertable form, so the code might look a little different for you (such as removing .children[0], as that was something I had to add to account for the way that the landing page form class container wrapped around the form). Hopefully this can give you something to work with though!


@leah.ann Sounds like a pretty good opportunity for a tutorial. Could this be #unbounce-tips-and-scripts material? :smiley:


Hi @nate.o,

There is the small issue of Convertables not being on the same domain as your website.

Browser security policies won’t let you “access” cookie data from a different domain.

Unless I’m missing something from your original post.



Hi @Hristian, this answers my question. This is a bigger issue for us as someone may visit our site…get cookied…move to another page on our site…have the convertable show…and no utm parameters can pass to the converable upon fill out meaning we can’t track ROI properly.

I understand the security policies are the ones causing the issue but do you ever see a solution come about from this?



Hi @nate.o,

You can still add Google Analytics tracking to your convertables as described here.

The only other option I can think of is storing everything in the browser’s localStorage and filling it out upon request. Again a bit tricky but should be possible.