Can you manage your images?


We just changed our company logo and I had to go through like 50 pages and replace the image. It would be cool if you could edit an image and overwrite the old one. It would also be nice to be able to delete images you’re not using.


Hey Angela - the ability to delete images is coming verrrrrry soon now, and managing images better is on our roadmap for the not-to-distant future. We’ll keep this thread updated when that gets rolled out.


Sorry, that must have sucked. Having “smart” assets is definitely something we have discussed and it is on our radar although I can’t give any definitive timeline.

The ability to delete assets is coming very soon. We have completed the code and it is currently being QA’d to make sure it works as expected. I’ll post a note here when we have it released into the wild.


Fabulous, thanks guys!


Has this functionality been addressed?


Hi Duane, 
We haven’t implemented a shared assets functionality yet, but you can show your support and vote on this feature request here: