Can you import Flash design elements into a page?


I want to create a interactive element best way would be using flash. Can i import a flash file?


Hi Jeremy! We don’t yet let you upload arbitrary files to Unbounce, so for now you’d have to upload the file somewhere (say, on Amazon S3, which is pretty easy now that they have a web-based console), and then use our HTML tool to embed the object on the page. So, it *is* possible to embed custom Flash objects, it’s just not quite as elegant as we’d like.

We do eventually hope to let you just upload Flash objects (and others), which will make it a bit easier.


Can you provide an example of how to embed the swf object?


I’m curious about this also…I would like the ability to positin flash banners and design elements. How does the amazon s3 work with unbounce?


Anything new on this topic?


Folks, can anyone provide an example of code?


Hi D D,

The attitudes towards flash in web development and the alternatives available have changed quite a bit since this question/idea was first posted. With mobile usage rapidly increasing using flash for anything is not recommended, as you’re making elements essentially invisible to a large portion of web users, which from an landing page/conversion rate point of view isn’t going to help you.

Adobe is making some good progress with Adobe Edge (currently free) which uses HTML5 as a Flash alternative.

Make sure what ever you’re planning to use it for is essential in adding value to your pages. If it’s not, then it’s not worth having.

TLDR: If you’re still desperate to use Flash you can get some sample code here:…