Can You hyperlink copy to certain sections on the page?


I have built a leadpage where I’d like to hyperlink text to ‘float’ to certain sections in the page. Does UnBounce have those capabilities?


question is vauge - do you mean smooth scrolling to an anchor ?


Correct! Sorry, I’m not very great with the tech language.


In my 1st section I have 2 CTA buttons, 1 being ‘Learn More’ and I’d like it to smooth scroll to the 2nd section.

In the 3rd section. I have 5 icons that I want each to smooth scroll to their respective sections!


yes that is doable


read this and look for the section on smooth scrolling…



There’s also a nice explainer video on this page:… that shows how to do it. Just scroll down or search for “smooth scrolling” on that page.