Can you have multiple contact forms on the same page?


For a vacation rental, we would like to have 2 contact forms that each send a notification to a different email address ( so 2 email addresses). Can we have that on one page within Unbounce?


Hi Shelley - thanks for posting your use case.

To clarify, were you thinking of having the 2 contact forms within a single Unbounce page? The reason I’m asking is because right now each Unbounce page can only have a single form. This set up would only work if the 2 contact forms are on 2 different Unbounce pages.

Since all Unbounce pages have their email notifications for new leads, you can then enable the email notifications for both pages. And for email notifications, you can actually have them sent to multiple email addresses. To learn more about enabling email notifications for your Unbounce pages, please see our Unbounce Answers article about the feature here.

I hope this is helpful but but let me know if you were thinking that this would work a little differently.


I have a similar situation of needing 2 forms. They can be copies of the exact same form for me, it is just that I want the text in the lightbox to be slightly different before the form.
I could use Dynamic text maybe, now that is available to update the text box.
As a work around I have put a button the 2nd lightbox, that leads to the first, where the form is.
I don’t think this will be great for conversions… but all good, we will see.