Can you get a log of visitors' IP addresses?


Can you get a log of the IP addresses of visitors to your landing page? And if so, where?! Many thanks


Hey Joanna - Unfortunately there’s no way to pull that data on the app. The only IPs that are logged are for form submissions on your page. Was there a specific reason you were trying to access this data?


I would also like to see a list of visitor IP addresses . It may well be that the majority of our very expensive (non-converting or dubious enquiry) Adwords clicks are coming from our competitors. With a list of visitor IP addresses I would be able to get a better idea if this is correct and take action to prevent any further ‘click fraud’ from compeitors by blocking their IP address in campaigns. I realise Adwords does detect click fraud but just two clicks a week on a $50 keyword from one competitor might not get detected! If we’ve got 5 competitors doing the same it gets expensive!


Hi Mark - is your page just clickthrough or is it lead gen? If you’ve got a form on your page, we provide you the IP address of each lead that converts.

If it’s just a click through page but you use Google Analytics, you should be able to track your visitors’ IPs through GA.

Would that work for you?


I’m pretty sure you could do that with Kissmetrics as well if you want to take a look at their product.


Hey Tami - We actually asked Kissmetrics support about this.

It turns out Kissmetrics does not capture this data on their reporting. They did however mention this could be possible using custom Javascript:

“However, using custom Javascript, KISSmetrics can definitely capture your IP addresses as a property and list them with your users accordingly. This is a feature that may be in the works in the future, and we’ll make sure to update you when things get rolled out.”


Do you have an update regarding this feature? IP-address tracking seems like an essential feature to prevent click-fraud and to therefore run a professional campaign.


Hi Cameron, 

There are certain privacy concerns around tracking IP addresses of visitors so most big name analytics companies would either be hesitant supporting it our right or make you custom code it. 

Google Analytics for example won’t ever reveal the IP address of a visitor. 

However, you should look into Piwik as they seem to support it out of the box:

You can also tap into the Piwik API to pull the IP addresses and make your analysis. 

Make sure if you do start tracking the IP addresses that you state it in your Privacy Terms and look into the legality of it for countries in the European Union. 

Let us know how it works out.



Piwik is an excellent option, we run a customised install of Piwik just because Analytics terms of service say you “must not caputure any personal or individually identifiable data” basically if you assign any data capture with analytics to an actual customer or lead then you have to have a disclaimer and be very careful you’re not breaking the rules. 

Piwik… your installation, your information, your DB, your server, your rules. :slight_smile:

Excellent advice from Hristian, lovin your work mate :slight_smile:


This was exactly what we needed. Piwik looks like a great tool. I got it set up today - looking forward to testing it over the next couple of weeks. Thank you SO much for taking the time to respond and help :slight_smile:


Hi Cameron, 

I’m glad we were able to point you in the right direction. 

If you get a chance, come back in a few weeks and let us know how it all worked out.