Can you copy a form confirmation dialog page to another landing page?


I have created two landing pages, but I would like them both to have the same “form confirmation dialog”. I don’t want to recreate this page.

Any ideas?




Hi Travis - You can only copy an entire page or entire variant (including it’s confirmation dialog), not just the confirmation dialog, unfortunately.


Adding this feature would save me a ton of time! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,
We recently released a “copy & paste” feature that is actually quite powerful and will allow you to do just this. You can now copy any element (form, page section, text, etc…) from a page and paste it into another page even if you have it open in another browser tab or window. You could copy the Page Sections straight form one form confirmations to another, or even easier is if you copy the form from one page and paste it in another, the form confirmation dialog will be copied over as well.

Let us know if that solves your problem @jeffrey!



Yes! I tried this out and it worked great! Thanks for the follow-up. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far! We actually just released a full-fledged post about the neat things you can do with Copy & Paste, check it out here: