Can you change the page property width for mobile larger than 320 pixels?


We want to change the width of our mobile page to better fit the current standard of larger screens (iphone 6 allows 375 pixels). Our current width is set to 320.


Hi Christoph, 

Currently, the Unbounce mobile breakpoint is hard-coded and you can’t change it. 

There are a few similar threads in the community asking for more freedom when setting the breakpoint but I’m not sure what’s the current status on that request.



Thanks Hristian. There aren’t any work arounds either? Wouldn’t it make more sense if it was percentage based so the screen size would also be ok irrespective of the device used?


Hey @Hristian ,
is there any update on this topic? I’m especially interested in changing the break point of a the mobile form confirmation dialog. It’s set at 240px, but to embed a survey monkey survey I need 300px at least.

Does anyone know a work around? Besides creating a confirmation page instead of a pop up.


Hi @Florian,

There is no way to change the breakpoint at this time.

The easiest workaround would be a thank-you/confirmation page rather than a popup.



Hi, I believe it’d be super valuable to add at least a breakpoint for tablets. For a lot of businesses and clients (including ours), this is the channel that converts at highest conversion rate and now we have to custom code the whole code responsive instead of using the breakpoints with Unbounce. I hope you guys prioritize this feature.