Can you apply a webhook to a specific variant?

I don’t think this topic has been covered before.

I have two variants ready for traffic, one uses a webhook on a page that’s later in the funnel

The other variant needs a webhook linked to a form that’s on it.

Is there a way to apply a webhook targetted only at a specific variant instead of all variants?

Many thanks!

Hey Alan,

I’ll tag the @UnbounceTechTeam here for some insights :face_with_monocle: they’d have a bit more knowledge on that.


Hey @Alan_C!

Great question!
I personally haven’t implemented this before so please let me know if this doesn’t work for you! What I would recommend is specifying the variant in your webhook settings. For example, if your page URL is and you only want to apply the webhook at variant A, the variant-specific URL would be

However, please note that variant-specific URLs are mostly for testing purposes, meaning it’s not recommended to send traffic directly to one variant particularly.

If you’d like, you can submit a ticket to with your page URL. We will be more than happy to investigate further! :innocent:

— Vicky

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Hey @Alan_C,

Are you talking about the Unbounce webhooks that take native Unbounce form data and push it out to wherever you need it to go?

If that’s the case, if you set up a webhook on the page, it would send data only from the variant that has a form. No need to target it to a specific variant since the 2nd variant doesn’t have a form anyway (at least not on that particular page).

You’ll of course have to analyze results outside of Unbounce because conversions would be counted only for the variant with a form.

But maybe I’m missing something so let us know either way.