Can you add a search bar to your website?


Just a quick idea on website usability; I was searching for some information about goals and how they’re set-up for the split testing. It took a bit of time to find the answer, working my way through your site. Would love to see a “search” feature on your website! It might’ve made finding the answer a bit quicker. Us marketers are pressed for time!

Seriously though, you’ve got an awesome product - pat yourselves on the back.


Cheers for the suggestion Chris!.. and thank you for your support!

Providing resources to help Unbounce users be successful with their landing page goals is something we really want to get right; We see it as a win-win opportunity for everyone. Any suggestions along these lines are very welcome.


Hi Chris,

There is a search on the blog section of the website which (at this point) contains the vast majority of our content. You can find it by scrolling about halfway down any blog post (in the sidebar).

Note - it’s a Wordpress search so not very good. If you have a phrase in mind - wrap it in quotes “” and you’ll get a much better result.

It’s likely that we might add a global search at some point as we build up the non-editorial content on the site as we grow.

Thanks for the compliment btw. Much appreciated.