Can we link to an external stylesheet? or will the css always be embedded?


I’m creating custom html content. I’d like to not have my css embedded. Is that possible?


Hi there! - To link to an external stylesheet select the CSS box at the bottom left of the page builder. Simply paste your stylesheet in the following format:

With… replaced with your external stylesheet url.

Check out the support article below for a visual reference of where the CSS Stylesheet box is located…


so i have to host my stylesheet on a separate server?

or can the external stylesheet be in a folder in my unbounce directory?

e.g. can the path be:…



Hi again - Unfortunately they would have to be hosted externally. At the moment there is no option to upload stylesheets to unbounce.


thanks for your quick reply, Johnny.


Hi, there doesn’t appear to be a sample of how to paste it. Would it look like the following?


Hi TT - your code didn’t come through in the comment, but if you’re linking to an external stylesheet, you’d embed the following line of code onto your page using the CSS tool:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mystyle.css">

Just update “mystyle.css” to the URL of your stylesheet and you should be good to go.