Can we add spacers or fieldsets to our forms?


Since we don’t have fieldsets in the forms, is there any way to add space between form fields? I tried adding a hidden field, but that didn’t add any space.

I have to add grouping to certain fields in our form, so either field sets, or being able to add space and then putting text fields in between would work.



Hi Michael,
Sadly there’s no way to add spacers or fieldsets at this point - although it’s a great idea.

In terms of creating a fieldset type boundary, you could add a box element with a background color or just a border (with a transparent background) and position that to group related form elements.

This won’t give you proper spacing between the elements, but it will allow you to group them.

To achieve some extra spacing you can use the “field spacing” property on the right hand panel when the form is “selected” - but this will push spacing between all fields.

Hope that helps in some way.

Note: if you have a background color on the box, you’ll need to hit the “back” button in the toolbar to push it behind the form element.



Another way, while not very scalable and a “hack” is use the stylesheets feature and specify locations for each container via CSS. This can give you control in terms of varying spacing. But, it’s very manual and you will need to make sure the settings work across both desktop & mobile.


#container_ {top: ABC1px} #container {top: ABC2px} ...etc...

This got me by the 48px limitation.