Can Unbounce trigger Marketo campaigns?


I’m wondering how people are using the new Unbounce/Marketo integration to trigger campaigns in Marketo. As a relatively new Marketo user, I’m not quite sure what the best process is. Are you feeding each form into its own list, and using an “added to list” trigger? Are you using the Page ID/Variant fields to trigger things?

I’m curious to see what other people have found works best!


Personally I have been using the “Added to list” trigger to initate a smart campaign in Marketo. 


Hi Anne,

Like Joey said, the best way to set this up is to us the Added to List trigger.
Best practice would be that each marketing program would have a single list, then if you wanted to split leads from different versions of a landing page you can use a filter for the page variant , OR use the page variant as a conditional statement in the flow.

Using the Page ID as a filter

Using the Page Variant  as a conditional statement in the flow:

We’ve actually gotten a lot of power from embedding marketo forms into the unbounce pages as they let you do lots of fancy form things like conditional visibility (show certain fields depending on answers) or hide the form if the visitor is already known. This restricted by the normal marketo restrictions on embedded forms however (no pre-fill, you need to set acquisition program manually in the flow) so you should do the research if you want to embed the forms.

Hope this helps!


Great answer, Nate! 
You mentioned that sometimes you embed the forms as opposed to using the Unbounce integration; have you ever tried split testing your pages to see if this extra form functionality helps improve conversions? Would be curious to see the results of that test!


Thanks Justin, a lot of this comes from intertia - we were using these forms on Marketo landing pages and essentially moved to using the Unbounce pages so our automation was already all setup to use the forms.

I will run that and let you know!


Can’t wait to hear back! This could be a really interesting mini-case study. :) 


Hi Anne!  

We’ll be hosting the CEO of Disruptive Advertising at our workshop tomorrow.  He’ll be talking about several Unbounce features that they use at the agency, including the Unbounce-Marketo integration. It’ll be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) type of workshop so you can ask him how they do it at their agency.  If you or anyone else here would like to join, you can save your spot here.  

Hope to see you there!  


Just to emphasize something Nate mentioned above: Best practice is to use the “Program” component in Marketo to contain all the assets (Lists, Smart Campaigns) associated with each initiative.

We also used the “Added to List” trigger to initiate a Smart Campaign at my company. However, you get more powerful capabilities by first creating a Program, then creating the List and the Smart Campaign(s) (with the “Added to List trigger(s)”) within that Program.

You can then use Marketo’s reporting to measure Program success metrics, ie. how much influence your Programs have had on Sales opps.


The “unbounce page id” filter and “unbounce variant” are not available on my instance of Marketo. How do I get these to show up?