Can there be more than one CTA on the page? I have been unable to find how to do that


We want to include more than one button to “submit” and email on the page. Have been unable to find any information on the site if that’s possible and if so how to do it.


you trying to be cool in your pic but, you are not cool :frowning: and you can’t


Hi Lois,

We don’t currently support multiple forms on one landing page, however what you could do is add anchor buttons into your page, then push the user back up to the form using a nice smooth scrolling effect.

Check out this ‘Smooth Scrolling Anchor’ demo page, and scroll all the way to the bottom to click the ‘SIGN UP NOW’ button:…

This way you can have more than one Call To Action on your page which will all point the user back to this one form. In my opinion, this is also a much cleaner alternative than having multiple forms all over your page.

To achieve this functionality, you’ll just need to add a bit of script to your page. Full instructions can be found here:…

Let me know if this works, Lois!