Can the Custom HTML tool be used to display a user input form?


Hey everyone,
I’ve got a wicked question to ask…

… I’m building an Unbounce landing page and want to have an area on the page where the user can input how many security cameras their business owns in order to see what the cost savings could potentially be. The company I work for sells data switch boards for the security industry.

I’ve mocked up an idea of what I’d like to accomplish functionality wise: If you enter “100” end points (otherwise known as security cameras) you’ll get a response of “$200-$600” in savings.

And here is a link to my mocked up landing page so you get a better idea of how I want this to look and function:

I’ve created this form with HTML and PHP using if/else statements. I know you can’t use PHP on an Unbounce page. But it was the only way I could mock something up with my pre-existing coding skills to help illustrate what I’d like to achieve.

I’m wondering:

  • Can functionality like this be added to an unbounce page?
  • If so, what are the best ways to go about it? Should I be thinking about using HTML, Javascript or something else entirely?

Any kind of advice or guidance would be hugely appreciated!
Thanks for you time :slight_smile:


Hi John, 

It seems you got it working since you’ve posted your question. 

However, here is an example of another way to capture user input and display price or in your case savings.



Hey there Hristian,

Yes, I did figure something out for myself.

I used some HTML5 and tags to do the math for me.

I’ll share it here with the community incase someone else ever tries to do something similar:

Enter the number of endpoints your business manages

Your potential savings range from <br> <output name="o1"></output> to

But Hristian, that slider input looks really nifty too. Especially for mobile. How would you make it?

John Cerpnjak


I’d also love to see how to implement a slider like that.



Hi, can someone please share how to implement a Range Slider that’s able to pass the chosen information into a hidden field or just into the form?


Can you share the HTML & PHP Code you used plz? <3 :slight_smile: