Can someone please give me a feedback on my landing page, for god sake?


Continuing the discussion from Feedback to my landing page to increase more conversion:

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?
high bounce rate, and more conversions.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
through media outlets banner ad, cpc

3: What is your conversion goal?
to get more leads by form submission

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:



not sure it’s the way to go for getting attention…
The forum looks calm theses days, maybe everyone (including me) is working on their AMP pages :smile:

As for your LP, here are my two cents:

The main section is nice but i’m not sure the main title is clear enough as i have no idea what a White label crypto exchange can do. For me, I would do it the other way: The title should be the benefit of your service. “we make crypto-exchance easy” or “Crypto-Exchange without hassle”. (i’m french, so maybe not the best in finding the most suitable tagline).

The text under the Tagline is a bit long and i would prefer 4 or 5 bullet points on the left of the main section.

You should add a title to each section:

  • They talk about us / They already have a step ahead
  • Our 3 best features
  • Who is Cointrader

I think the LP is a bit cold and you could add some warm by adding human faces (yours when presenting your team, etc). Crypto-stuff is by definition very virtual and cold so it could reassure people to see that behind this technology there is real people.

About the form:

  • i would put the label inside the fields
  • change the CTA with: “starts now !”


I’m not an expert (or even a novice) in the crypto space so I can’t comment on your copy or offer.

But the form itself is lengthy and could be turning people away with 6 required fields. Can you get away with asking for less information to generate a lead?

Specifically, requiring a Skype handle is troubling. I may not be your target audience, but I don’t communicate on Skype very often and surely would not want to use it as my primary communication method with your team. Could you remove that field or at least make it optional?

Other ideas - can you share videos or screenshots of the product(s)? What can I expect from your specialists? Is there a free demo that I can try, or what is the next step other than a sales call?

And finally, sometimes the low conversion rate is due to low quality traffic. What banner and cpc sources are you using to drive traffic? What channels/audiences/keywords are you targeting and what messaging do you have in your ads?


Thanks @julien_level,
My method worked in catching attention :stuck_out_tongue:
Your reviews are very interesting and I would work on these key points.
Thank you for your feedback.