Can someone help me with my email button which isn't working?


Hi guys!

I am new to unbounce and I am creating a landing page where people can either email us directly or fill out a form asking us to contact them.
I ave selected the email option and have added the destination email in there but when I click on them nothing happens.
Any tips?

Please help me! :frowning:


Hey Adriana! Welcome to the Unbounce Community!

If you’re just Previewing your page, you won’t be able to use the email button functionality. Once you hit Publish, you’ll be able to test it out.

Additionally, if you’re wanting users to send you an email, you can always add a button with the CTA saying “Get In Touch” (or something to that effect) and adjust the settings to open an email. Here’s a screenshot of what you should see when you’re in your Button settings. The email address that you want to receive these emails in should go where that red box is. Also, be sure to include mailto:

That’s just another option. If you run into any other snags along the way, feel free to chime in here. :slight_smile:


Hi Adriana,

  1. Please be sure to use mailto: in the button link as @Jess suggested.

  2. I thought about this a little more, and the more I think about it, the more I am led to believe that you shouldn’t be using the “email” button, and I’ll tell you why:

Asking someone to send you an email is quite a commitment you ask for, especially when your visitors are complete strangers, and they aren’t convinced yet. A better way is to have them fill up the form instead.

Once they fill out the form, you can always send out emails and keep them engaged.

It’s up to you though :slight_smile: