Can only see Mobile page on Desktop browser


I’m having a strange issue. On my MacBook Pro using Chrome, I can only view the mobile page (very large!). I cannot get it to show me the desktop page. This is across two identities, after clearing cookies and cache, and in incognito windows. I’m stumped! My designer sees the pages correctly. Any ideas?



Do you have a link to the live page you can share? Happy to take a look and see if it’s any different on my end.


It will probably look fine for you, as it does for my designer and for myself from a different computer. It only seems to be on my MacBook Pro. In any case, here is the link:


Yeah, it looks fine and I’m on a MacBook Pro. Tried different browswers and everything.

It might be an issue with your specific device, which is strange.

I’d recommend doing a test using a tool like BrowserStack and seeing if it looks good on the majority of screens. If so, you should be fine.


I had the same kind kind of issues ! I reset to default factory chrome so all extensions was disable and everything was fine after. Hope this help !