Can multiple conversion pixels be on one landing page?


Hi Gang,

Noob landing page question… .

I have started an affiliate network, and have vendors signed up to run traffic to my lander(s.) My question is based around adding unique to each vendor, code snippets to my lander(s.)

Each vendor has tracking snippets that they use to report back to their network… 
Can I drop each vendors code onto one lander??

My apprehension being: When vendor A sends traffic and it “converts” will all of the other vendors tracking snippets report back as a conversion?
Since each code snippet is unique to the vendor, they will fire only when expected?

Thanks so much! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.



In my experience, that depends on how each affiliate network treats their own cookies. Is it last-touch? If so, the last affiliate to drive a visitor to your landing page will get credit, even if he/she wasn’t the first.

Some tracking pixels are smart enough to match a click ID or visitor cookie to a previous session so it should not give multiple vendors credit for the same conversion.

The only way to know for sure is to test it with a few different scenarios. The last thing you want is to have to untangle the attribution for each conversion with a lot of angry vendors that each expect to get paid!