Can I use my site's header/navigation on an Unbounce page?


We want to create a page with the Unbounce form, but match it with our website design (at least with the top navigation). We are using the Wordpress integration if that helps with anything.


Hi Scott, 

You can certainly have a navigation header on your pages. However, you’ll have to build it through the Unbounce editor. 

Here are a few links to get you started:

[1] - [Tips & Scripts] Mobile Hamburger Navigation Menu

[2] - [Tips & Scripts] Fading Fixed Header

[3] - [Tips & Scripts] Creating a Fixed Header/Footer (aka Sticky Header)

There is also a handy thread here with plenty of links that would help you make customizations to your pages. 

Last but not least, while it might be a good idea to include navigation for longer pages, make sure your navigation header doesn’t “leak” leads away from your landing page. 



I tried reviewing the links suggested but they are no longer available. We’d like to include the navigation in our landing pages in our testing.



Hi @Jennifer_Rothrock, the links are working for me. Maybe give it another try? They might have not been working at the time.