Can I use Google Experiment code with Unbounce?


I’m trying to use Google for some page testing and in order to do so, I need to add some Google experiment code to Unbounce. I’ve added the code but Google does not seem to be validating that the code is there. Any ideas how to fix this?


Hi Kaitlin - I took a look at one of your pages and it looks like you have the Google Experiments tag after your GTM tag that contains your Analytics code. Unbounce will place any tags on your page in the order they’re entered into the script manager, which means that Experiments code will be written into the page below the Analytics code, but it needs to be above it.

If you copy your GTM code, remove it from the Javascripts panel, and then re-add it as a new script, it’ll be placed below the Experiment code. Once that’s done, it should start validating.