Can i use google analytics and reverse targeting ( like double click, adore, or Facebook ) with unbounce pages?


REverse targeting


Hello Dorothy,

Are you referring to retargeting?  If so, yes, all you need to do is put in the code via the javascript.  Ex. generate the code in facebook and they will provide the javascript and all you have to do is paste that code in the javascript of your desired landing page.

If you are referring actual reverse targeting, then my answer is also yes.  I have always understood reverse targeting to be advertising to a target audience that is related to the target audience I actually want to sell to.  Ex. I want to sell vacations to parents - run an ad to Harry Potter teens about the new attraction at Universal Studios and tell them to tag their parents for X benefit (not the best example in the world, but I think you get the picture).  If this is your real question, what exactly are you stuck up on? 

Hope that helps!

Best of luck,