Can I use a form in a button?


Hi all,

Does anybody know if it is possible with the Unbounce landing page builder to have a form into a button?

I would like to create a call to action where I just have one sentence and where the user just need to put his/her email address.

Example: " I, “email address”, would like to download the whitepaper.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m not sure i am fully under standing the question.

You can easily have a single email field with a button. You can style the field however you want with a combination of presets and CSS.

Are you looking to remove the button? As in just having them hit enter? This, to me, does not sound very user friendly and could easily confuse some users and lead to drop off. However, if that is what you want you can do it by hiding the button in CSS.


Hi Digibomb,

Thank you for your reply.
What I would like to have is a call to action like in my attachment CTA

Do you think this is possible?

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Yes you can do that with a button. But, when they click on the button what do you want to have happen?

  1. Open a window with a form
  2. Go to another page with a form
  3. Direct download PDF



The 2nd option => go to another page with a form would be perfect. Is there some kind of manual how to create that?

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Hey Sven,

Here’s a short video showing how to do that:

Good luck!


Thanks a lot Nicholas. Unique, great support!

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Anytime Sven, glad it helped! Happy conversions.