Can I track the operating system of the people who fill a form?


When someone fills a form I get the name, email, IP address, etc, but I’m also interested in knowing their OS.

The reason is we are trying to get users for something that only works on Windows, and are getting quite a few downloads from Macs

Is this possible to track?


Hi Pedro - You could use the window.navigator Javascript function to capture the browser platform (more on window.navigator here). My understanding is that window.navigator’s results can be a bit misleading though, so the data isn’t always accurate.

Do you already have copy on your page noting that the product is Windows-only? Rather than checking OS after someone has converted and then letting them know they can’t use the product, it could improve user experience to let them know it’s not available via Mac (and maybe even link out to a pop-up lightbox form with a Mac waiting list) right up front.


Thanks Quinn

In the short term that information is in the email, as we are interested in knowing what sort of people want the product. So even if it turns out they have a mac, they might just send it to their colleagues instead, which works fine for us.

I’ll try the javascript function, can I make it part of the webhook?


Hi Pedro - You would need to grab the window.navigator value with Javascript on the landing page and (also with Javascript) pass that into a field on your Unbounce form (it can be a hidden field). Then that value would pass through via the webhook along with the rest of the form submission.


Thanks Quinn