Can I retrieve page notes via api?


I can’t seem to find a tag for pagenotes on the api?
I need to be able to have some overview of notes made on each of many pages. And I plan to mail these notes to clients as a kind of status.
Is it or will it be possible?
Best regards


Hi Lars - You currently can’t grab page notes via the API. Our API’s in it’s early stages right now, so it is likely something that will be available down the road as we’re planning to ramp up the functionality available in the coming months and into next year (in fact, we’re currently looking for a Technical Product Manager who will focus on just that).


Okay, thanks for the explanation … and I wish you good luck in finding the right person…


Thanks, Lars! We’re really excited to get the position filled with someone who can really drive our API development.


Hi again,

What is your status now on the API?
The development seem to have completely gone to stop, or?

Best regards