Can I repeat a form at bottom of landing page?


My form is currently above the fold. There is more info following that. How do repeat the form at bottom of landing page so user does not have to scroll up? Haven’t tested this yet, but could a button “Get My Free Sample” lead back to the form above the fold? Need to set an anchor for this perhaps.


Hi There

I had this issue a while back - basically my understanding is you can’t repeat a form on a page - but what you can do is use a button to create click through to another page with just the form - or use a bit of Javascript to have the page scroll to where you want it to.

I used this bit of Javascript on one of my pages - I think I got this from someone at Unbounce a while back.

view raw

If you paste that in - the next step is to take a note of ‘Id’ in the Element Metadata of the form where you want the button to take them. Click on the form and this is at the bottom.

Next is to create the button - and in Click Action on the right - ensure it’s action is 'Go To URL’
Now in the Link section copy and paste the ID.

Now save and republish - when you test it the clicking on the button should take you to the form!

Hope that works and helps!!


You hit the nail on the head, Amit!

The smooth-scrolling jump from section to section is_ super useful (and looks great, too!). We’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback for this code, so you can actually find it in our documentation now. 

Thanks for chiming in here! :) 


Thanks Justin! Feels great to be able to get involved a bit! 


Really helpful. Thank you so much!


I watched the video and did exactly as it said. I can’t get it to work. I have smooth scrolling working fine in another test with the following code, but when I copy it over to my new test, I can’t get that to work either. I’ve correctly identified the # target. Any ideas of what could be wrong when it appears I have all the details right?