Can I put the html from unbounce onto my website?


I would like to keep my webpage URL and navigation buttons. Is there a way to take the html from an unbounce landing page (content, form, etc) and put it into an existing page on my website?


Hi Katie - We don’t have a feature to export your unbounce pages to HTML, but you can take the HTML by viewing the source code of the published page. While this may work, we can’t guarantee your page will function problem free as it may require heavily modifying the code.

Alternatively you could place the page within an iframe. Although if your advertising your page through adwords this may not be viable solution as Google Adwords has restrictions against this type of setup.


Thanks Johnny - I can’t seem to find where I view and copy the HTML. I’m brand new to this site.



Hi Katie - With most browsers, you can grab the html by right clicking the the background of your live page and clicking “view source” (or something similar). Here’s a page that shows you how to do so for different browsers.

Again, proceed with caution! We don’t recommend this particular method for your pages.


I would like to an integration with Act-On, so I can bring my landing pages over and manage from one place. It doesn’t appear that is possible, but is it something that is planned for the future?


Hi Hue - Exporting the HTML of your page isn’t something that’s on our road map right now. As Johnny mentioned above, copying the source file could work in some cases, but a lot of Unbounce’s tracking and form functionality (as well as advanced features like Dynamic Text) relies on server side events, so any of those functions wouldn’t work. That reliance on server side functions would mean it would take a significant reworking of the Unbounce app to create exportable HTML.


I was told yesterday that this is possible and easy to do so that I can put it into weebly; is this not the case?


Hi Michele, 
I don’t believe that’s actually possible to do. Is there a reason you would want to build the page in Unbounce and host it in Weebly though? From what I understand you can build pages in Weebly as well, and host them all within the same platform. The benefits of building (and hosting) in Unbounce is that you get access to features such as A/B testing, continuous editing of your page, server side components such as DTR, and fast & reliable page speed from our CDN servers. 



Unbounce and all other landing page tools locks you because of online editor usage. You can’t import/export any of your html. Moreover, you don’t even have much control over the code.

And calculate time you spent to copy from existing page to Unbouce online editor…

I want to present new landing page tool - Touchdown.

Touchdown uses different approach: no online editor, just upload your html and css and you are ready. Change it when you want, export or import it when you want.

Domain, hosting, A/B testing, analytics - all included.

I am founder of Touchdown and i am happy to answer all your questions.



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