Can I post to my own form handling page?


Our current setup for landing pages we post to our own form handling page which inserts field values and a few hidden field values into our house db, and from there our house system forwards leads to the appropriate person.

I am exploring Unbounce to get the UI design back in the hands of our marketing team vs our Dev team so we can test variations, implement a mobile friendly complement to the desktop pages, etc.

Can I do this with an Unbounce landing page? (Post to our own form handling page).




Hi Matt - You certainly can do this. In fact, there are a few different ways.

You can send the data via POST by changing the form action to “post form data to a URL”

You can send the data via GET parameters attached to the URL by changing the form action to “go to another webpage” and clicking the checkbox to append those parameters.

Or, if you’d like Unbounce to take care of confirmation the user sees, you can still serve the built-in form confirmation dialog and then send the data via POST method using our webhook function, which delivers the form fill via xml and json to whichever webhook URL you specify. We’ve some more on webhooks, including a sample of how the outputted form data is formatted here:…