Can I manually change ub-route-cache

I am hosted at WPEngine with a prod/stage/dev environment. Both production and staging environments have the ub-route-cache set to the www. version of my website. We are working on redeveloping the site, so I created a fresh install on our dev environment. Installing the Unbounce plugin at first had an error that my dev. domain. com url was not authorized. I created a new domain in Unbounce as dev. domain. com, but now my ub-route-cache is set to dev. domain. com. Is it possible to manually change that, or is there a setting in Unbounce admin where I can authorize the domain?

The really confusing part for me is that there is no domain in Unbounce for stage. domain. com, the stage site has the www. domain. com version loaded as the ub-route-cache value.

TLDR - I basically want to load Unbounce on my dev site so that it has the settings of my www site and my diagnostics read ub-route-cache: ‘’ in addition to ubroute-cache: ‘’ which is what is currently displayed on my stage site (the dev site actually has all 3 of my domains under the [Options] ub-route-cache:, I don’t want the site to lose the correct Unbounce pages when I push it up to production