Can i make sign up and log in page with unbounce(registration from)?


can i make sign up and log in page with unbounce ?? if yes so how if no give me the right solution


Hi @oosamaa,

Although, I don’t see a reason to use Unbounce for sign up & login pages, the only way to do it is to embed your signup & login forms.

You can create the page in Unbounce but the actual form needs to be hosted elsewhere.

You should never use a native, Unbounce form to collect signup details like username & password.



hi @Hristian

i do that cause i am promoting membership site and my landing pages is my sign up pages so i make many sign up pages with many designs on unbounce
the question here
how i can prevent unbounce from collecting the password data from the form ??


Hey @oosamaa,

Like I said above, you’ll have to embed your own form on the page through the custom HTML element.