Can I make my whole / entire web site with unbounce?


We are an educational institution looking into redesigning our current web site which currently contains easily over 100 pages. Can we reasonably use unbounce to create our web site?


Hey Monica,

Unbounce is primarily a landing page builder for marketers running campaign specific pages. While you could technically build a website with Unbounce, it is not really the way our platform is meant to be used. If you are planning to build multiple pages, you may be better off exploring website builders like Wix or Squarespace.

If you have any further questions about this Monica - or would like to learn more about Unbounce specifically, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at and we’d be happy to give you a hand with this.


Hi Monica - It’s definitely possible to recreate an entire site with Unbounce, but you would need to employ quite few workaround to create a site of that size.

Because it’s so flexible, there are a lot of ways to make Unbounce bend to different use cases, but we are designed to built standalone landing pages, so things like global navigation, site structure, and a few other major website features that a CMS will have built-in would need to be put together manually in Unbounce.

I would definitely recommend a dedicated CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, etc) for something of that size and then utilizing Unbounce to build landing pages if you’re doing targeted marketing.


Hi Alex,

If the Unbounce Landing page engine was ever developed in the future to be a website creation tool, then we would definitely use this platform to build our websites.

As an agency, we love the fact that we can replicate our Adobe designs in Unbounce with very minimal to no technical skills required…Squarespace is good but still limited by not being able to replicate design in a easy and user friendly environment. 

The Mind Methods Team


Thanks for the valuable feedback, team! I’ll pass this over to my product team right away. 


As an experiment I built my agencies website in Unbounce:

I quite like it but Google hates it and so does extremely poorly in the SERPs so would not recommend! (luckily I get my client base through referrals)

If you need a full website come to me and I’ll build you a Wordpress one :wink:



You can build a website using Unbounce. However, the best way is to use a Wordpress plugin and to then to combine the two. 

If you ever need help get in contact via: GoGoChimp


Hi Monica,
I am a landing page designer and web developer who uses Unbounce to build entire websites, even though as Alex mentions it is not necessarily built for that. :slight_smile:

Here is one example:

Technical: Site built entirely in Unbounce, with 1 Unbounce page as homepage and then 1 Unbounce page for each product (around 19). Integration to Wufoo & Stripe for CC processing. for call tracking/recording, and Twilio to auto-text each caller with personalized message after each call. Full analytics + parameter tracking for PPC. Livechat using Olark. Video hosting using Wistia. All calls + orders pushed to Zoho CRM to keep everything centralized using webhooks. I track “conversions” in Unbounce as someone clicking through to the order portal page. While that isn’t 100% correct it gives a general idea on interest in each product.

Why I use Unbounce for entire websites:
#1 Integrations!
#2 Keeping everything under one roof
#3 A/B testing of pages.

The integrations features are by far the reason though. So yes you can reasonably use Unbounce for building an entire site in my opinion!!

Any Q’s just let me know,

-Corey @ Drivetrain


I totally agree. I’ve tried Wix, Weebly, and Hubspot, and am now trying Squarespace. Nothing compares to the usability and control of the Unbounce page-builder interface. I really wish I could build my website here (but definitely need the SERPs on my side).


Thanks for the specific answer, Daniel. I was seriously considering going ahead with it in spite of folks saying it’s not really being ‘built’ for website-building (because the interface is great!). But I’m glad to not have encountered what you seem to have after all of that work. Thanks for sharing!


Hi Corey, have you found the same things Daniel mentioned about SERPs?
Thanks, Karen


So far I have had luck getting SEO value on sites built using Unbounce.

I’ve built out new pages, have had them indexed, and come up on the 1st page (on lower competition keywords) within days. A lot of that is probably related to having good backlinks, etc.


There’s really no reason why you should even do that. Unbounce is a great landing page builder and that’s exactly why it should be used. The best you could think of stretching it to is to build a “landing-page like, one-page website” – built to collect leads or signups. 

There are valuable points others made – about integrations, the ease of adding tracking scripts or other javascripts, etc. 

I am a little old-fashioned and my time is extremely valuable. Given then, I don’t use cutting pliers when I should be using a hammer. 


Have you tried doing a blog with Unbounce? Also, I would be interested in learning more how you did this! This is exactly what I want to do! 


Also, any chance you’d be willing to share a version of your site as a .unbounce file so it could be easily adapted and repurposed? 


Also, any chance you’d be willing to share a version of your site as a .unbounce file so it could be easily adapted and repurposed?