Can I make a new landing page a variant of a previously created landing page?

  1. I created a landing page. We’ll call it landing page 1, variant A (1A)
  2. Then I created a variant - landing page 1, variant B (1B)
  3. Trying something a little different from the main concept from landing page 1, I started landing page 2 (2A).
  4. As I worked on 2A, it morphed into something that I’d like to test in direct competition with 1A and 1B. In other words, I want 2A to become 1C.

Can that be done? Or will I have to recreate the page?

Go Canucks!


Hey Stephan, if I’m understanding you correctly, yes, it can be done! Each variant has a gear menu with an option to “Move to another Page”:

Which then gives you the option to either move the variant or create a copy of it and move that:

So you should be able to accomplish what you’re trying to do.

And yes, go Canucks! :slight_smile:


This is exactly the answer and explanation I needed. Thank you!