Can I include client side location data for mobile devices?


We’ve recently launched a site that includes the use of geolocation to provide users with the closest branch location. Geolocation by IP address works fine but is not 100% accurate in the case of mobile devices on a 3/4G network. The IP address on those networks will point you to your last known/visited cell tower of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Is there a way to get client side location data for mobile devices. This should be a CTA on the landing page which would prompt the user to allow my site to access the browser’s location data which would pull from the device’s GPS data.


Hi Annette, 
This is a really great question and one that I would like to know the answer to myself. I’m going to send this off to a few people who might have a better idea, but if you’ve managed to find something in the meantime be sure to let me know. 


Hi Annette, 

You can get the location through a CTA but that’s only part of the problem. 

Here is a quick test I set up that seems to work.

This would provide you with the longitude and latitude coordinates, which by themselves aren’t very useful. 

Depending on your particular use case, you might need further development to be able to turn those coordinates into something more user-friendly.